Early Summer Update

I was here a few weeks ago with some covid thoughts and I’m back, but this time for an entirely different purpose. To give updates about what is going on in my life and why I’ve been UTTERLY absent around here.

We are just a few short weeks away from delivering baby 3, so we’ve been doing some preparation for that. I also participated in Distance Learning with my kindergartener this year, which ate up a lot of time and mental energy to be totally honest. It took a couple weeks for me to recuperate from that, actually. The mental load was probably the hardest to carry, trying to be responsible and keep track of the work and keep HER on track and get all the things done and whatnot.

Then, like everyone else, we’ve been dealing with various covid effects on our life, but THANKFULLY our local pool has been open this summer and so we’ve spent some wonderful hours at the pool, relaxing, relearning how to swim, and just generally having a good time. My husband has been working from home and I find that it’s hard to work two feet away from him, especially since kids always need something THE MOMENT you’re occupied with something else, so uninterrupted time has been at a premium around here.

As I near the end of this pregnancy, I’ve, not surprisingly, been rather tired and am napping quite a bit. I’m extending bunches of grace to myself and allowing the laziness without judgment because, really, I just have to take care of myself, too. It’s not going to do anyone any good to show up to give birth totally exhausted (leave that until after…), so I’m really trying to rest up as much as I can.

So that’s LIFE stuff.

I also have WORK stuff.

Yes, I’m officially a “working mom” again–as in OTHER PEOPLE are paying me to do work for them. What’s really great is that it’s on my terms, it’s freelance work, and they are AMAZING people to work with, so it’s almost not like working.

I have been doing freelance editing with Kingsman Editing Services (you can find me under the ABOUT US tab in COPY EDITORS. See? Legit.) and I’ve also recently joined the Editoral team over at Silver Goat Media (scroll down to THE GOATS. Again, see? Legit.). Between these two, I’ve had more outside work than I’ve had in YEARS, and like I said, are amazing and understanding teams to work with.

That brings me to the final thing I wanted to say today. Since I am now financing my own writing career by writing for others, I will be CLOSING DOWN my Patreon page. I’m doing that to clear up some mental space, just like temporarily leaving Twitter and Instagram (well, that account just turned private/personal).

I’ve had a hard time accepting that my life is just what it is and that I don’t have tons of time and mental space right now to be managing all kinds of accounts here and there and everywhere, so I’m putting them on temporary hiatus until I CAN focus and really do them justice. After all, if I’m going to do something, I might as well DO IT WELL rather than half-heartedly doing all kinds of different things.

All that said, I am hoping (as always) to be more consistent around here, to be giving updates on projects I’m working on (yes, Tamerna is coming along, veeeery slowly) and others goings on in life. It’s all a matter of paring down and focusing on what’s most important and what will drive me closer to my goals.

For the time being, I will be focusing on finishing my last copyediting project with Kingsman and editing a short-story-turned-novelette (oops) for Silver Goat Media before this baby comes. Those are my top priorities.

I’ve also gotten some really valuable feedback on Tamerna and I’m slowly working on those changes, doing a lot of thinking and working through how they’ll affect and change the story (because it really needs some of that, too). That’s something I just keep plugging away at. I also have a children’t story out to an editor, but she hasn’t responded yet, so I doubt she will. I will need to do some considering/reconsidering what I want to do with those stories because it’s just a tough picture book market out there right now. I have to decide if this is really an avenue I want to spend energy pursuing (because I do show up to our biweekly critique group every biweek) and sometimes I’ve worked on a story, but mostly I haven’t, and it simply takes a great amount of energy to get books ready and sent out. Perhaps there is a better avenue to pursue, I just don’t know yet.

For now, though, it’s spending time on the most pressing projects and resting up to bring baby home.

Hope you’re well!