Book Review: Inspired Mama by Sez Kristiansen

What this book is about:

This nonfic is a call to mothers to step outside the bounds of motherhood for just a moment to find themselves and honor their unique personhood outside their role as caretaker of tiny humans.

What I liked:

The writing. Oh my. Sez has a way with words that just flow beautifully on the page and invites readers into her world and her ideas and offers herself to walk alongside her readers.

What I didn’t like:

It’s essentially the same message I’ve read in every mom book, blog post, or internet article. I had hoped to find some things in there that I hadn’t seen before, but it was the same steps I’ve seen outlined a thousand times.

Overall thoughts and opinions:

I was approached by the publisher to review this book and, to be honest, I was wary at first. I’ve been approached before, hit Amazon to read a few pages and run for the hills because the writing is so abysmal. This book is a refreshing change from that. I was hooked from the first pages by her writing style and the ease with which the words leapt off the page.

She has a unique story, one that I haven’t seen represented in these kinds of ‘Dear mom’ writings, so I held high hopes of continuing differences with her approach to this topic.

Unfortunately for me, that’s where the love affair ended. As I went through each chapter, all her suggestions were the same as I’d seen before. Not that these aren’t good things, they really are, but they are simply the same as I’ve always read.

I’d say that if someone hasn’t read many things in this particular genre, I’d highly recommend her book to a mom. The chapters are short, the steps manageable, and the tips practical. She absolutely nails her intention with this book and it is short and easily digested even if the steps themselves aren’t always easy. Simple, but not easy.

Considering all of the above, I give Inspired Mama 4 stars.

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I received this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.