Book Review: Half the Battle by Dr. Jon Chasteen (GIVEAWAY!)

What this book is about:

Christians can often feel pressure to stuff down their pain and pretend that all is well. Dr. Chasteen examines several accounts from the Bible of people who experienced deep pain and walks through how God was with them not only in their pain, but catalyzed their healing process.

What I liked about it:

Chasteen dives deep into these stories and really makes an effort to pull to the fore the way it can be so easy to hide our pain from those around us instead of actually walking through and healing.

What I didn’t like about it:

The actual writing style didn’t connect with me as well as I would have liked. In places, I really struggled to keep reading, but others (like his WW1 example) really drew me in, so the writing itself was hit and miss for me.

Overall thoughts and opinions:

As someone who has had to do a lot of work to get through some serious hurts in my life, I can absolutely attest to the importance of this book. Especially in the “Perfect Christian” culture where pain can be seen as lack of faith or weakness, it’s important to talk about these things. It’s important to throw open the doors of authenticity and acknowledge that life brings us pain, even the CHURCH can cause that pain, and we need to allow ourselves to go to a place to heal. Stuff this hurt and pretending it isn’t there is not healthy and I have to believe that’s not what God wants.

The book is short and the chapters are easily digestible and full of practical advice. If hiding your hurt is something you struggle with, perhaps this book would be a great addition to your personal library and worth the effort of doing the work suggested within.

Overall, I give Half the Battle 4 stars.

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I received this book (and a copy for giveaway) in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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