Book Review: Submerged by A.M. Deese

What this book is about:

This is book 2 of the Dance of the Elements series by Deese, which is fully enveloped in the element of Water. Book 1 was all about Jura and now in this book, we meet Coral of the sea people and are drawn deeper into the world and our understanding of how many things, as always, are intertwined.

What I liked:

I loved this book. The pacing is good, the characters, and even the sense of danger from the unknown. There is mystery in a way that isn’t annoying, but rather intriguing. And I like the slow burn of the romance line.

What I didn’t like:

I read the book in a day. I mean, come on. I can’t think of anything I didn’t like.

Overall thoughts and opinions:

This story is YA and therefore the themes aren’t as heavy as in others and it flows faster. I personally really like this style of fantasy–following a few characters closely and really getting into their world and their problems rather than trying to follow the macro problems of 58 characters.

I like the play of elements and how Deese works a major element into the title and theme of the book. I can’t WAIT for Windswept to come out and learn where air plays a role in all of it.

These books are delightful and rather quick reads (at least for me) that are still satisfying. They don’t feel too juvenile, which of course some YA is, and the romance isn’t too strong, but is rather an undercurrent but still present. I think the balance of action and romance embedded deeply within characters is spot on. I adore these books so much and will definitely be re-readers for me.

I give Submerged 5 stars.

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