Hello and welcome!

I am an author on the journey from writing to becoming published. I live in a small town in North Dakota with my family and write in the small spaces left between life with children and dogs and backyard chickens.

I grew up in small town Minnesota and left to go to college in the big city of Moorhead. I went to school, met my husband while I finished up my psychology degree, and we married in 2010. We moved back to small town to raise our children, dogs, and chickens. I stay home with them and live the wonderfully exhausting life of being full-time mama.

Writing is my gift and one of my passions. It helps keep me sane in my crazy day-to-day life, it helps me explore the better parts of myself and world, and helps me connect with you.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your time and that you return again.

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