Beta Reader People Skills

This is my last blog on my Bible study series. I'm happy and sad all at the same time, but more than that, I'm really excited to talk about something I've never really heard people talk too much about in all my beta reading research. The PEOPLE SKILLS needed to keep betas happy and feeling … Continue reading Beta Reader People Skills

Beta Reader Questionnaires

Welcome back to beta readers! I've talked a lot about questionnaires this week, so I want to give you some samples and examples of questionnaires I'm using in my study. I started with a demographic questionnaire. Demographic Questionnaire Male     /     Female Age:    10s     20s     30s      40s      50s     60s … Continue reading Beta Reader Questionnaires

Beta Reader Process

Hey! I hope you had a chance to check out yesterday's video, Beta Readers Part 1, where I talked a little bit about betas. Today, I'm going to break down my own beta reading process for you. I stole the basic premise from author Jenna Moreci, but I clearly like people even less than she … Continue reading Beta Reader Process

Incorporating alpha reader feedback

So you've written your study, you've had some people read through it, you've gotten their feedback, and... now what? Incorporating alpha feedback should be rather painless, to be honest. For one, there isn't that much of it. And two, the things they are looking for are the things you suspected to be wrong anyway. I … Continue reading Incorporating alpha reader feedback

Alpha readers and your Bible study

I've mentioned on and off these creatures called alpha and beta readers. What are they and what do they do? In yesterday's video, I talked a bit about alpha readers. I want to dive in a little deeper to the role of alpha readers, the kinds of questions you'd want to ask them, and how … Continue reading Alpha readers and your Bible study

Roadblocks while editing

Have you ever found yourself editing, things running smoothly, and all of a sudden you come upon a herd of mountain goats? All the progress you felt you were making is now at a standstill and you feel like you can't move anywhere without running someone over? Yesterday, we talked about taking breaks while editing, … Continue reading Roadblocks while editing

Editing – 3 reasons to take a break

Editing isn't the most fun part of writing, but believe me, it is the most necessary part. In yesterday's video, I talked about my own editing process. I broke editing down into three stages and you can go check that out. Over here, though, I want to talk about the importance of taking a break … Continue reading Editing – 3 reasons to take a break

Using the Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible

In this week's video, I talked about (and incorrectly named) the Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible. I bought ours as a gift to my husband because his Bible went missing a few years back. I asked some pastor friends about a good study Bible and they all recommended this one. Needless to say, he never used … Continue reading Using the Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible

How to write a Bible study

Hello! I hope you were able to find my youtube channel for my very first vlog that went up yesterday. In it, I talked about how to write a Bible study. I want to dive a little deeper into some of the areas here. I am not going to recap what I talked about in … Continue reading How to write a Bible study