Trope Me This: The Chosen One

Aragorn. Richard Rahl. Harry Potter. Katniss Everdeen. Bella Swan? (okay, okay, don't get so mad) What do all these people have in common? Yes, the title gives it away. They have all been chosen, in some manner or another, to avert or subvert the LOOMING DISASTER UPON ALL THINGS, but there's no real clear reason … Continue reading Trope Me This: The Chosen One

Trope Me This: Good vs. Evil

Tropes are everywhere, as I discussed in my last post. They can be very useful tools to build a world that readers can settle into easily, but they can also be crutches that leave your story totally crippled.  So, how does one use a trope effectively so that the story is enhanced?  I want to … Continue reading Trope Me This: Good vs. Evil

Writing Fantasy: Using Tropes

Ah, trope me this: use them or avoid them (like the plague)? Is that terrible to start a blog post with a terrible trope (also known as a cliche)? Yes, probably. But it stays.  In my writing and researching about writing journey, I've seen lots of discussion on this particular topic and, after reading dozens of … Continue reading Writing Fantasy: Using Tropes

Writing Fantasy: Big Decisions

I hope you all enjoyed the mess of guest authors these past weeks: Michael R. Baker, Megan, A. M. Deese, Steven A. Guglich, R. E. Fisher, and Melody Greene. Now it's MY turn again! This week, I want to talk about BIG DECISIONS while writing, and specifically while writing fantasy. To keep a bit of … Continue reading Writing Fantasy: Big Decisions

Writing Fantasy: Part 1

You may or may not know that I write fantasy. In addition to all this other stuff I write, I have a completed fantasy novel (in with alphas now!) and have a second that is a huge contender for a stand alone debut novel. Time will tell, of course, but I'm really enjoying the process … Continue reading Writing Fantasy: Part 1