Making progress on goals

Hello all! I'm swinging through to give a quick update on my current goals and projects. A VERY detailed update can be found at my Patreon page. Just a dollar month will gain you access to detailed progress and other goodies I plan to share over the year. But here's the short version. I'm doing … Continue reading Making progress on goals

NaNoWriMo 2019 overview and other things

Hello all! Has your family been sick lately? Good grief, we've had a bout of sickness over here and FINALLY everyone (except me, of course) is feeling back to 100%. First things, NaNo 2019! It's in the books, and yes, I completed all 50k words with about a 600 word pad before I cut  myself … Continue reading NaNoWriMo 2019 overview and other things

How word sprints are saving my novel

Sounds a bit dramatic, eh? Sometimes the truth has some drama. I've been reading a few books lately (reviews forthcoming, yes, they are already scheduled) and they've presented some rather radical ideas. Okay, maybe the ideas aren't all that radical, but they ARE what I've needed to hear. Too often, motivational books/speakers/etc talk about DREAMING … Continue reading How word sprints are saving my novel

A bit of a break

Whew!! I just realized that I kind of disappeared for two weeks. Sorry about that. When life starts back up at the beginning of the school year, it really starts with a bang, doesn't it? I've got a few new book reviews coming up of books I REALLY enjoyed, so I'm excited to share some … Continue reading A bit of a break

Working through The Artist’s Way

I'm already on week 4 of working through the creativity course The Artist's Way. I had grand plans of giving weekly updates as I worked through it, but somehow it's never seemed to work for me to get the darn thing written on a Tuesday night or Wednesday morning (and clearly it didn't work for … Continue reading Working through The Artist’s Way

Wicked Wednesday

I'm finally back from having disappeared for a week (intentionally) in the mountains and managed to get all settled back into real life (harder than it sounds, trust me). As soon as I got back, I dove into a week-long novelette-writing challenge put out by Zombie Pirate Publishing and managed to punch out a 13-ish-k … Continue reading Wicked Wednesday