Fine As Alabaster

Prompt: Write a story about an empty jar I wrote this exploring description without killing the forward movement of the story.  I hope you enjoy it.  -------------------------------------------------------------------- Telondra wandered through the rows of shelves, dimly lit in the dusty air, amazed by all the strange and bizarre things contained on them. Jars of unlabeled powders. … Continue reading Fine As Alabaster

Facebook LIVE reading!!

Short post today: I want to PERSONALLY invite you to my author page where I will be doing a facebook live reading of some of my short stories. You'll probably recognize them if you've been reading the Friday shorts, but hearing them read out loud will be VERY fun! Details When: Sunday, March 11th Time: … Continue reading Facebook LIVE reading!!

Writing Prompt: All The Things She Said

It's Friday and I'm hoping for the best!  Since entering the NYC Midnight Short Story Contest, I'm planning on moving on to the next round. However, there are a variety of possible assigned genres that I've NEVER written before and I don't want the next round to be my first foray into a genre, especially … Continue reading Writing Prompt: All The Things She Said

First Goals of 2018 reached!

I have a number of goals I've set for this year, most of which I haven't shared because research shows that when you share your goals with the general population, you're actually LESS likely to achieve them. This is due to a perceived accomplishment effect - by sharing, you feel like you've already accomplished something. … Continue reading First Goals of 2018 reached!

Writing Prompt: Truth Can Be Stranger Than Fiction

It's Friday, which means I share a bit of my own writing.  I've talked a lot about short stories these past two weeks and I meant to share this last Friday, but life got the better of me last week.  I focused on descriptions in this piece and dialogue - specifically what surrounds the dialogue … Continue reading Writing Prompt: Truth Can Be Stranger Than Fiction

Writing Prompt: Never Looking Back

It's Friday, which means it's time once again to share a little something I've written. This past week in AT, we had a writing prompt and I did something with it.  While it really lends itself to horror, I tried really hard to keep it NOT horror. I played with some suspense, a plot twist, … Continue reading Writing Prompt: Never Looking Back

Writing Prompt: Animal Kingdom

It's Friday! This week I have a fun little short story for you based off a picture I took a few days ago. Enjoy! If you'd like to play along, write up your own version of what's happening in this picture and leave it in the comments or link back from your blog. I'd love … Continue reading Writing Prompt: Animal Kingdom

Short Story: Skeleton in the Cave.

It's Friday! I have a fun short story for you based on a writing prompt from where else but Author's Tale! Enjoy!    Prompt: The year is 2038. The first astronauts have safely landed on Mars. Their first mission is to explore a cave that couldn't be explored using the automated rovers in previous years. … Continue reading Short Story: Skeleton in the Cave.

Short Story: A boy, a girl, a secret

It's Friday! Today's selection is a short story I wrote while dabbling with suspense. I was going to submit it to a writing contest, but that deadline came and went and I'm honestly not sure how to improve it to make it contest-worthy. Even so, writing it was an incredible learning experience and with the … Continue reading Short Story: A boy, a girl, a secret