• Tamerna – An epic fantasy following the tale of Tamerna, a Veru from the world of Mithradin, on her quest to avenge her father’s death – Critique Partner Phase
  • Eladarath’An – a fantasy story about Ela, an elf druid, on her journey toward adulthood and her ultimate decision to either embrace or reject the path expected by her family and society. – On hold
  • The Way I Remember It – the story of Melissa and her journey back to wholeness with the help of Dr. Brooks, a somewhat unconventional counselor. – Resting between edits


Short Stories

  • I’ve submitted a short story (Loved, Baby) to a pregnancy loss magazine at the encouragement of author whose book (Loved Baby) I was on the launch team for. (1/18 – It wasn’t accepted)
  • Allyandrah and Kru’Nah – a serial short story series (with hopes to turn into a novel someday) – Find in on my blog!
  • It’s Now or Never – a short story for submission to an anthology by Author’s Tale, the writing facebook group I’m in (1/18 – it was accepted! Find it here. Be sure to leave a review!)
  • The Old Farmhouse – A short story for submission the 2018 Chicago Tribune Nelson Algren short story contest (not a winner. Find the winners here.)
  • Discovering Eve – a short story submission into the 2019 Author’s Tale anthology.


4 thoughts on “Current Projects

      1. Own world which will be the size of Jupiter( theoretically impossible, but the laws of gravity are different on my world). There will be a mix of traditional fantasy races(elves, orcs etc) along with new races such as Jaugernats(a dragon hybrid). Furthrmore, there are also talking animals. Needless to say, the world is a huge and the total scope of my story will ultimatley feature an area 3 times the sizeAmerica -leaving almost 95% of the rest world for future stories. What is the world of Mithradin like?


      2. That sounds fantastic!!!

        Mithradin is Earth-like in properties, size, etc. Various continents scattered around the world.

        I have made up most of my races, but they are inspired by traditional fantasy races.
        There are Veru (which are like elves), long-lived, etc.
        Then Fersam, which are animal-hybrids, but I’m not sure if they’re part human or just other humanoid. So they’d have head/facial features and structures of animals, humanoid bodies, maybe wings if they’re part bird and tails as part cat or dog, etc.
        Humans. Yep, boring. 😉
        Uhrunkus, which I suppose you could call something like a cross between an Orc and a Klingon?
        And Travas, which are small and blue and vaguely reminiscent of house elves in Harry Potter, at least physically.
        And Dragons. Haven’t developed them much yet.

        Magic is dying in the world because of distaste from the previous global magic war, and the death of magic is pushing forward technological innovation. Some Veru, all Travas, all dragons, and some humans are still magical. Fersam and Uhrunku are all non-magical because they’ve let it die out.


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