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December 2017 – After a considerable time listening to every single episode of Not Your Pastor’s Podcast (NYPP), I finally worked up the courage to write up and record my own pulpit submission. Take a listen, and listen to some of their other episodes.


Through NYPP, I learned about the website Stigma Fighters. When I realized, after several years of thinking depression was in the past, that I still struggle with depression and also anxiety, I wrote a poem about it and submitted it to Stigma Fighters.

January 2018Anxiety


March 2018 – In a blogging e-course I took a while ago, I met a new friend named Rosa who speaks with an honesty and an openness that, frankly, was foreign to me. Her words are often a breath of fresh air in my life and when she asked if I would contribute to her new blog project, of course I said yes!

This article is probably the scariest I’ve written so far because it’s very raw and very honest and it’s something I haven’t talked about much, if ever. I’d love if you read it, thought about it, and then let me know your reaction and thoughts. Then share it with someone else.