Pantsing Fantasy: Generating Ideas: Character

Hey! Thanks for joining me for the next section of Pantsing Fantasy. Today, I want to dig into characters a bit. Characters are the reason anyone gives a crap about your book. If your readers don't feel connected or invested in your characters, it's going to be hard for them to enjoy the book and … Continue reading Pantsing Fantasy: Generating Ideas: Character

Writing prompt: Not extreme, just dumb

This is the day where I share short stories, bits of things, or my writing from various prompts. This one was inspired by a writing prompt in my writing group. I've been working on character a bit, diving deeper into character building and thinking outside the box a little bit of my writing. Feel free … Continue reading Writing prompt: Not extreme, just dumb

Pantsing a Novel: Alpha Readers

Ahhhh, alpha readers. They really are the bread and butter of the writing show, aren't they? Okay, maybe not, but they are still super important! Honestly, any time you can get someone to willingly invest their time into reading your novel, call that a win! Yesterday, I made a bunch of promises for this blog … Continue reading Pantsing a Novel: Alpha Readers