Magic and Limitations

I've just finished reading Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson. It's my first Sanderson book and dang, it was good (the review comes out in SEPTEMBER because I'm just THAT FAR AHEAD - maybe I need another month-long reading hiatus...). In any case, I've got some thoughts about it. First, a while back, I read some articles … Continue reading Magic and Limitations

Writing Fantasy: Big Decisions

I hope you all enjoyed the mess of guest authors these past weeks: Michael R. Baker, Megan, A. M. Deese, Steven A. Guglich, R. E. Fisher, and Melody Greene. Now it's MY turn again! This week, I want to talk about BIG DECISIONS while writing, and specifically while writing fantasy. To keep a bit of … Continue reading Writing Fantasy: Big Decisions

Book Review: Ignited by A. M. Deese (releases 3/27/18)

What this book is about:  Jura finds herself in the terrifying position of sitting in her father's chair as First of the Thirteen, trying to hide a terrible secret from the rest of the untrustworthy, backstabbing rulers. Ash, a retired Fire Dancer, searches to find his new place in life and the arena when seven-year-old Kay … Continue reading Book Review: Ignited by A. M. Deese (releases 3/27/18)

What I’m Reading: Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce

Happy New Year!  I told you I was behind! No rest for the overcommitted! This book was.... delightful. Truthfully. I loved it. You should go read it. And here's why...   What the book is about:  Wild Magic is a teen fantasy novel that follows Daine, a mysterious 13-year-old who has an uncanny connection with … Continue reading What I’m Reading: Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce

Pantsing a Novel: Alpha Readers

Ahhhh, alpha readers. They really are the bread and butter of the writing show, aren't they? Okay, maybe not, but they are still super important! Honestly, any time you can get someone to willingly invest their time into reading your novel, call that a win! Yesterday, I made a bunch of promises for this blog … Continue reading Pantsing a Novel: Alpha Readers

Review: The Girl Who Drank The Moon by Kelly Barnhill

What the book is about:  In the Protectorate, the Day of Sacrifice has arrived and Antain, Elder-in-Training, and his uncle, the Grand Elder of the Protectorate, are on their way to take the youngest child in the village to offer to the Witch that lives in the woods. The Girl Who Drank The Moon is … Continue reading Review: The Girl Who Drank The Moon by Kelly Barnhill