2018: Looking ahead, goals, dreams

Wow! What a crazy year 2017 has been. Last week, I shared about some of the things I've learned and done over this past year and now I want to look ahead at 2018. This past year was mostly about learning, figuring out what I want to do, coming up with a plan, and sort … Continue reading 2018: Looking ahead, goals, dreams

Book Review: Rise by Hallie Schaefer

I know, I know, it's TUESDAY, but seriously? Yesterday was Christmas. Nobody was reading this yesterday anyway. Besides, I'm behind on book reviews, so I can't afford to skip a week now!  I met Hallie through a friend who is still friends with an old high school friend I lost touch with over the years … Continue reading Book Review: Rise by Hallie Schaefer

Pantsing a Novel: Editing

Yesterday, I shared with you my process of editing. Or at least a proposed process that I've decided on based upon my previous editing experiences. I'll start here by talking about what editing a pantsed novel is and what it isn't. To begin, editing a pantsed novel is not a minor project. Because you've been … Continue reading Pantsing a Novel: Editing