Making progress on goals

Hello all! I'm swinging through to give a quick update on my current goals and projects. A VERY detailed update can be found at my Patreon page. Just a dollar month will gain you access to detailed progress and other goodies I plan to share over the year. But here's the short version. I'm doing … Continue reading Making progress on goals

How Reading is Helping my Writing (I think)

I believe it's Stephen King who says that if you want to be a good writer, you must make time for lots of reading and lots of writing. I've been trying to do lots of reading (let's be honest here, I have book reviews scheduled through July already, plus I have THREE more already to … Continue reading How Reading is Helping my Writing (I think)

Musings on my current progress

I've been waiting on some writing news from people and it's been interesting, to say the least. To be entirely consumed by the waiting of words from just a few people is a strange place to be in, and yet, I find myself there. I'm trying VERY hard NOT to be consumed by it, but … Continue reading Musings on my current progress

Catching up and looking forward

Hey friends! I feel like things have been really sporadic around here, which is never my goal, but that's just how life goes sometimes. I've been rather busy for a while now because... da-da-DA!!... I joined a critique group! There are five of us in the group with novels in various stages of completion and … Continue reading Catching up and looking forward

Writing Fantasy: Using Tropes

Ah, trope me this: use them or avoid them (like the plague)? Is that terrible to start a blog post with a terrible trope (also known as a cliche)? Yes, probably. But it stays.  In my writing and researching about writing journey, I've seen lots of discussion on this particular topic and, after reading dozens of … Continue reading Writing Fantasy: Using Tropes

Book Review: The Art of Healing by Jeanne Felfe

What this book is about:  Julianne (Jules) Garvoli, a pediatric nurse, thinks life is great. Until it isn't. Jokob O'Callaghan, world-renowned photographer, couldn't be happier with his wife and his life. Until cancer rips her away from him. When a chance encounter brings the two together, life takes an interesting and unexpected turn for them both … Continue reading Book Review: The Art of Healing by Jeanne Felfe

Writing Fantasy: Part 1

You may or may not know that I write fantasy. In addition to all this other stuff I write, I have a completed fantasy novel (in with alphas now!) and have a second that is a huge contender for a stand alone debut novel. Time will tell, of course, but I'm really enjoying the process … Continue reading Writing Fantasy: Part 1

What I’m Reading: Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott

What the book is about:  I'd consider this to be a sister book to Sometimes the Magic Works. It's certainly in that same realm; advice about writing and life how sometimes, the two of them converge. What I liked:  Short chapters - With kids running around and interrupting me all the time, it was nice … Continue reading What I’m Reading: Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott

2018: Looking ahead, goals, dreams

Wow! What a crazy year 2017 has been. Last week, I shared about some of the things I've learned and done over this past year and now I want to look ahead at 2018. This past year was mostly about learning, figuring out what I want to do, coming up with a plan, and sort … Continue reading 2018: Looking ahead, goals, dreams

Book Review: Rise by Hallie Schaefer

I know, I know, it's TUESDAY, but seriously? Yesterday was Christmas. Nobody was reading this yesterday anyway. Besides, I'm behind on book reviews, so I can't afford to skip a week now!  I met Hallie through a friend who is still friends with an old high school friend I lost touch with over the years … Continue reading Book Review: Rise by Hallie Schaefer