Catching up and looking forward

Hey friends! I feel like things have been really sporadic around here, which is never my goal, but that's just how life goes sometimes. I've been rather busy for a while now because... da-da-DA!!... I joined a critique group! There are five of us in the group with novels in various stages of completion and … Continue reading Catching up and looking forward

Writing Fantasy: Using Tropes

Ah, trope me this: use them or avoid them (like the plague)? Is that terrible to start a blog post with a terrible trope (also known as a cliche)? Yes, probably. But it stays.  In my writing and researching about writing journey, I've seen lots of discussion on this particular topic and, after reading dozens of … Continue reading Writing Fantasy: Using Tropes

Book Review: The Art of Healing by Jeanne Felfe

What this book is about:  Julianne (Jules) Garvoli, a pediatric nurse, thinks life is great. Until it isn't. Jokob O'Callaghan, world-renowned photographer, couldn't be happier with his wife and his life. Until cancer rips her away from him. When a chance encounter brings the two together, life takes an interesting and unexpected turn for them both … Continue reading Book Review: The Art of Healing by Jeanne Felfe

Writing Fantasy: Part 1

You may or may not know that I write fantasy. In addition to all this other stuff I write, I have a completed fantasy novel (in with alphas now!) and have a second that is a huge contender for a stand alone debut novel. Time will tell, of course, but I'm really enjoying the process … Continue reading Writing Fantasy: Part 1

What I’m Reading: Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott

What the book is about:  I'd consider this to be a sister book to Sometimes the Magic Works. It's certainly in that same realm; advice about writing and life how sometimes, the two of them converge. What I liked:  Short chapters - With kids running around and interrupting me all the time, it was nice … Continue reading What I’m Reading: Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott

2018: Looking ahead, goals, dreams

Wow! What a crazy year 2017 has been. Last week, I shared about some of the things I've learned and done over this past year and now I want to look ahead at 2018. This past year was mostly about learning, figuring out what I want to do, coming up with a plan, and sort … Continue reading 2018: Looking ahead, goals, dreams

Book Review: Rise by Hallie Schaefer

I know, I know, it's TUESDAY, but seriously? Yesterday was Christmas. Nobody was reading this yesterday anyway. Besides, I'm behind on book reviews, so I can't afford to skip a week now!  I met Hallie through a friend who is still friends with an old high school friend I lost touch with over the years … Continue reading Book Review: Rise by Hallie Schaefer

Pantsing a Novel: Editing

Yesterday, I shared with you my process of editing. Or at least a proposed process that I've decided on based upon my previous editing experiences. I'll start here by talking about what editing a pantsed novel is and what it isn't. To begin, editing a pantsed novel is not a minor project. Because you've been … Continue reading Pantsing a Novel: Editing