Pantsing a Novel: Editing

Yesterday, I shared with you my process of editing. Or at least a proposed process that I've decided on based upon my previous editing experiences. I'll start here by talking about what editing a pantsed novel is and what it isn't. To begin, editing a pantsed novel is not a minor project. Because you've been … Continue reading Pantsing a Novel: Editing

Plantsing a Bible Study

Yesterday, I talked about a few things in my vlog┬áregarding plantsing and I want to expand a little bit here on what I talked about. I mostly want to talk about study evolution while maintaining integrity of the study. Using a Book of the Bible Writing a study using a book of the Bible is … Continue reading Plantsing a Bible Study

Beta Reader Process

Hey! I hope you had a chance to check out yesterday's video, Beta Readers Part 1, where I talked a little bit about betas. [Note: This process has changed since the original writing of this post. The post will reflect my current beta reading process.] Oh beta readers - those people who desperately want to … Continue reading Beta Reader Process