Poetry: Bible Inspired Poetry

It's Friday! Time to share some of my own writing.  A while back, as I was experimenting with poetry more, I decided to write some biblical poetry. Poetry is already in the Bible, so why not come up with some of my own in my own style?  I'd love to write more of these, to … Continue reading Poetry: Bible Inspired Poetry

Poetry: I am not alone

It's Friday!  This is a poem I wrote a while ago when I was feeling rather anxious about an ongoing conversation about an upcoming event. I wrote some of the stuff that actually became lines in this poem and someone (as a writer would) said it would make a good story, so I tossed into … Continue reading Poetry: I am not alone


Can you believe it??? It's been a YEAR since I set up this site and decided that I was going to intentionally pursue writing as more than just a hobby. I can't even believe how much my writing has developed and how far I've come in that time. Shall we take a look? March 22, … Continue reading ONE YEAR!