Pursuing Your Craft: When You Have Kids

I suspect there are a few more out there who are trying to pursue their craft alongside trying to raise their tiny human offspring into competent, useful adults. Juggling these two competing interests is a challenge I still have yet to master. To even call both of them interests seems a little... well... insulting? Obviously, … Continue reading Pursuing Your Craft: When You Have Kids

Pursuing Your Craft: Have a plan

Yesterday, I talked about the importance of having a plan. Today, I want to talk about the plan itself. Most specifically, I want to talk about how I create my own writing plan. Because I'm busy with kids and a daycare, I have a limited amount of time to myself every day. I've built in … Continue reading Pursuing Your Craft: Have a plan

Discovering the community around me

I've spent a bit of time talking about community this week already and I want to talk just a little more about it. The idea of building a community can sometimes feel as overwhelming as trying to build your own house without any construction experience! For most of my life, I have felt like an … Continue reading Discovering the community around me

Pursuing Your Craft: Community

Perhaps, like me, you have experienced the frustration of trying to trying to pursue your craft all by yourself. You have your goal or your dream and you're trying so hard to plug away day after day, and maybe like me, you eventually find yourself in a hole, stuck. No motivation, no idea of where … Continue reading Pursuing Your Craft: Community

Pursuing Your Craft: Discipline

Discipline. It's what sets those who finish apart from those who don't. Those who finish a novel. Those who finish a marathon. Those who finish blog post after blog post, day after day, week after week. Discipline is also a word that is thrown around and has lots of not always so positive connotations, but … Continue reading Pursuing Your Craft: Discipline