Allyandrah and Kru’Nah: Part 19

Part 1 Part 18 ***Mother*** 163: I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn’t very nice. Kru’Nah steeled himself, setting his face into its royal mask. He must not be surprised. He must not act surprised. He must not show surprise. Or anything else, for that matter, but … Continue reading Allyandrah and Kru’Nah: Part 19

Allyandrah and Kru’Nah: Part 13

The continuing story of Allyandrah and Kru'Nah. To Part 1. To Part 12   ***The Way Home***   208: You did everything right, but you’re still the villain.   In the warmth of the sleigh, Kru’Nah peeled off his outer layer and set it on the floor. He glanced around, seeing no obvious source of … Continue reading Allyandrah and Kru’Nah: Part 13