Allyandrah and Kru’Nah: Part 15

Part 15 of my prompt-based story. To Part 1 To Part 14   ***The Shadows***   189: Beware the shadows.   Allyandrah and Kru’Dael’Nah huddled together on his bed for their final night indoors. Sasha curled up on their legs. Allyandrah woke up often. The steady, heavy breathing of Grandfather relaxed her and settled the … Continue reading Allyandrah and Kru’Nah: Part 15

Allyandrah and Kru’Nah: Part 10

In honor of my fantasy writing series, I’m going to share with you the bones of a fantasy story I’m writing that I’ve totally fallen in love with. It obviously needs SO much work, but it highlights so many things I love about fantasy.  This story progresses further by various writing prompts given in Author’s … Continue reading Allyandrah and Kru’Nah: Part 10

Facebook LIVE reading!!

Short post today: I want to PERSONALLY invite you to my author page where I will be doing a facebook live reading of some of my short stories. You'll probably recognize them if you've been reading the Friday shorts, but hearing them read out loud will be VERY fun! Details When: Sunday, March 11th Time: … Continue reading Facebook LIVE reading!!

Writing Prompt: All The Things She Said

It's Friday and I'm hoping for the best!  Since entering the NYC Midnight Short Story Contest, I'm planning on moving on to the next round. However, there are a variety of possible assigned genres that I've NEVER written before and I don't want the next round to be my first foray into a genre, especially … Continue reading Writing Prompt: All The Things She Said

My first poetry reading

There is a podcast I've been listening to for a long time, Not Your Pastor's Podcast. I've literally listened to all but 1 episode - because for whatever reason, I couldn't access it. Anyway, they started a bonus episode thing called Not Your Pastor's Pulpit. As I listened to these, I kept thinking 'I should … Continue reading My first poetry reading