Trope Me This: The Wise, Old Mentor

Gandalf. Obi-Wan Kenobi. Zeddicus Zul'Zorander. Dumbledore. Old, white wizards who know more about the world than everyone else combined, BUT they're not very good at communication, are they? They are pretty secretive, it seems like they're using everyone else for their own benefit, and somewhere in there, they disappear for a long time or die … Continue reading Trope Me This: The Wise, Old Mentor

Writing Fantasy: Using Tropes

Ah, trope me this: use them or avoid them (like the plague)? Is that terrible to start a blog post with a terrible trope (also known as a cliche)? Yes, probably. But it stays.  In my writing and researching about writing journey, I've seen lots of discussion on this particular topic and, after reading dozens of … Continue reading Writing Fantasy: Using Tropes