Trope Me This: The Chosen One

Aragorn. Richard Rahl. Harry Potter. Katniss Everdeen. Bella Swan? (okay, okay, don't get so mad) What do all these people have in common? Yes, the title gives it away. They have all been chosen, in some manner or another, to avert or subvert the LOOMING DISASTER UPON ALL THINGS, but there's no real clear reason … Continue reading Trope Me This: The Chosen One

What I’m Reading: Sometimes the Magic Works by Terry Brooks

What the book is about: Sometimes the Magic Works is a super practical book about writing by the eminent Terry Brooks. With 20 novels under his belt and a fairly successful career (okay, that maaaay be an understatement), I think he's qualified to give a few tips. He covers topics from choosing a book to … Continue reading What I’m Reading: Sometimes the Magic Works by Terry Brooks

Heart of a Child launches TOMORROW!!!

Hello friends! I am PERSONALLY inviting you to join me TOMORROW for the Heart of a Child book launch. It's happening over on facebook and you could potentially WIN a copy of the book!   HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!     Want to see what else I'm working on before anyone else … Continue reading Heart of a Child launches TOMORROW!!!

Meet the Author: A.M. Deese

Time to meet another author friend of mine whose DEBUT NOVEL is coming out in just a couple weeks, on March 27th!  I am so excited for this AND I've been able to read the book but.... YOU will have to wait to see what I think about it until next week. I know, bummer … Continue reading Meet the Author: A.M. Deese

Writing Prompt: Sleep, Little Baby

It's Friday and time to share stories with you!  This is one of the more serious stories I've written and I am SO thankful for my writer's group because I reached a point where I had no idea what to do next. I'm not familiar with police protocol (which is probably still VERY evident), and … Continue reading Writing Prompt: Sleep, Little Baby