How word sprints are saving my novel

Sounds a bit dramatic, eh? Sometimes the truth has some drama. I've been reading a few books lately (reviews forthcoming, yes, they are already scheduled) and they've presented some rather radical ideas. Okay, maybe the ideas aren't all that radical, but they ARE what I've needed to hear. Too often, motivational books/speakers/etc talk about DREAMING … Continue reading How word sprints are saving my novel

A bit of a break

Whew!! I just realized that I kind of disappeared for two weeks. Sorry about that. When life starts back up at the beginning of the school year, it really starts with a bang, doesn't it? I've got a few new book reviews coming up of books I REALLY enjoyed, so I'm excited to share some … Continue reading A bit of a break

Book Review: Take Off Your Pants! by Libbie Hawker

What this book is about:  This is a writing book by a writer FOR writers. Libbie breaks down the way to outline books for faster, better writing. It's a short book, but she packs in so much information, I can hardly even believe it. What I liked:  Jam-packed with practical information and the understanding that … Continue reading Book Review: Take Off Your Pants! by Libbie Hawker

Wicked Wednesday

I'm finally back from having disappeared for a week (intentionally) in the mountains and managed to get all settled back into real life (harder than it sounds, trust me). As soon as I got back, I dove into a week-long novelette-writing challenge put out by Zombie Pirate Publishing and managed to punch out a 13-ish-k … Continue reading Wicked Wednesday

Learning a new trick: Plotting

Up until now, I've been a one trick pony. Write. Well, and hope. Hope that it's a good story. Hope I can figure out how to make people like it. Hope it flows well. Hope it checks all the boxes. My lovely writing mentor (whose name shall remain secret so that y'all don't try to … Continue reading Learning a new trick: Plotting

Using The Crown as political writing fodder

Have you heard of the Netflix show The Crown? It is a dramatization of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. I'm hooked. In love. I'm there. I adore it. What I love is how well it demonstrates the complexity of her role as a constitutional monarch and one forced to reign in a time of … Continue reading Using The Crown as political writing fodder

How Reading is Helping my Writing (I think)

I believe it's Stephen King who says that if you want to be a good writer, you must make time for lots of reading and lots of writing. I've been trying to do lots of reading (let's be honest here, I have book reviews scheduled through July already, plus I have THREE more already to … Continue reading How Reading is Helping my Writing (I think)

Musings on my current progress

I've been waiting on some writing news from people and it's been interesting, to say the least. To be entirely consumed by the waiting of words from just a few people is a strange place to be in, and yet, I find myself there. I'm trying VERY hard NOT to be consumed by it, but … Continue reading Musings on my current progress

It’s APRIL! All about reading

I know, April happened like, two weeks ago or whatever, but seriously. Time is a'flyin! Despite my already-massive TBR shelf, I stopped at the library and had my favorite fantasy-reading librarian come up with a stack of books that have NON HUMAN characters. As usual, she did not disappoint. I've got something like 12 new … Continue reading It’s APRIL! All about reading