Guest Post: Megan on Inspiration

I have to admit, this week is super special for me because a couple years ago, I learned that one of my cousins is ALSO a writer. Before you judge me too harshly for not knowing this about a cousin, let me explain. There are lots of cousins in the family and I'm older than … Continue reading Guest Post: Megan on Inspiration

Allyandrah and Kru’Nah: Part 2

In honor of my fantasy writing series, I'm going to share with you the bones of a fantasy story I'm writing that I've totally fallen in love with. It obviously needs SO much work, but it highlights so many things I love about fantasy.  This story progresses further by various writing prompts given in Author's … Continue reading Allyandrah and Kru’Nah: Part 2

Writing Fantasy: Part 1

You may or may not know that I write fantasy. In addition to all this other stuff I write, I have a completed fantasy novel (in with alphas now!) and have a second that is a huge contender for a stand alone debut novel. Time will tell, of course, but I'm really enjoying the process … Continue reading Writing Fantasy: Part 1

Book Review: Inspired by Rachel Held Evans (available June 12)

What this book is about:  This nonfiction explores issues that the author, Rachel Held Evans, has wrestled with in her walk of faith. Each chapter begins with a more creative work, it could be a sonnet about the beast, a screenplay about Job or an essay by Hagar before diving more fully into the subject … Continue reading Book Review: Inspired by Rachel Held Evans (available June 12)

If you’re not enough without it, you won’t be enough with it

I've been reading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott (a review will be coming for that!) and today, I read the most profound sentence of the ENTIRE book, I think. Or at least the only one I can remember right now. "If you're not enough without the gold medal, you won't be enough with it." … Continue reading If you’re not enough without it, you won’t be enough with it

Reflections on a contest

In mid-April, I entered a writing contest where I needed to gain votes to be in the top 10 to be judged. I submitted my piece right away and I worked and slogged and begged and pleaded and cajoled my way to 67 votes over the course of a month. Up until the last day, … Continue reading Reflections on a contest

What I’m Reading: Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott

What the book is about:  I'd consider this to be a sister book to Sometimes the Magic Works. It's certainly in that same realm; advice about writing and life how sometimes, the two of them converge. What I liked:  Short chapters - With kids running around and interrupting me all the time, it was nice … Continue reading What I’m Reading: Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott

Meet the Author: Rebekah Hargraves

Ever wish you could sit down with a cup o’ joe with a writer and ask all those pesky questions? Well, you don’t have to because I did! Sort of. This week we get to meet Rebekah Hargraves, the author of Lies Moms Believe that I reviewed last week. I could relate SO MUCH to … Continue reading Meet the Author: Rebekah Hargraves

Poetry: I am not alone

It's Friday!  This is a poem I wrote a while ago when I was feeling rather anxious about an ongoing conversation about an upcoming event. I wrote some of the stuff that actually became lines in this poem and someone (as a writer would) said it would make a good story, so I tossed into … Continue reading Poetry: I am not alone